Custom Solo Costumes


Each custom solo costume is guaranteed original and will never be created again. Each order is created specifically for that dancer. Sonny designs each costume keeping in mind the dancers body type, face shape, dancing style and theme if requested. Costume themes can also be recommended for you. The highest quality materials are then selected and the costume is personally built by Sonny. We build all of our costumes for light weight comfort, durability and beauty.


**Custom solo costumes are limited to Japan residents only, we can not currently accept international orders. Thank you for your understanding.**

*Please note that we can only take a limited number of orders per month. We will do our best to match your requested date but this cannot be guaranteed. Please order early.

*Orders are open every November for the following year. 

To order:

  1. Fill out the information request below.

  2. Once we review the information we will send you a link to our order guidance and price-list, along with additional instructions.