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About Us

Sonny Shwe 

‘AHU Tahiti is a company based in Japan inspired by the beautiful islands of Tahiti and Polynesia. We specialize in creating original handmade costumes for Ori Tahiti dancers throughout Japan as well as internationally. Our services also include custom built workshops, as well as artistic projects, and fashion. Our goal is to help perpetuate the beautiful culture of Tahiti and Polynesia through costumes, art, music, dance, and fashion.

We believe that “quality” is a word that should be involved in your entire experience with us, from order to delivery! The foundation of ‘AHU Tahiti is a deep understanding of the materials that we use. Most of our materials are natural and require long tedious hours to harvest and preparation. We make sure to search for the best quality because we believe that the “Mana” of the costume starts from the hands that prepare our materials. Once the materials arrive at ‘AHU Tahiti we work to pay attention to every small detail to ensure that our costumes are not only beautiful but easy and comfortable to wear.
Each piece or set of costumes that we create will always be original because what we share with each of our clients will always be new and different. Our designs are created through a connection between the us, the dancer/group, and our mutual connection to the Tahitian culture. We take our time to understand their story and what they find beautiful, then we translate that through our creations. The end product is something that we hope you can wear and enjoy as an extension of yourself. 
When you put on a costume, this is your connection to your story, your dance, and your connection to the culture. At ‘AHU Tahiti we work hard to stay connected to Tahiti and its people, to continue to learn and share as much as we can. Our creations are inspired by the traditional culture and daily life of the Tahitian people but we are also inspired by the Islands themselves. The way the islands move, how they sound, how they smell. What we then create is Tahiti through our eyes
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